Thursday, 6 November 2014

How to make money dairy farming

Knowledge sharing dairy farming information, on how to make money dairy farming;

Look after their feet,

Grazing Pattern: A minimum of a different field each day for a seven day rotation and a different field each night for a seven day rotation from late spring and early autumn.

Milking Routine: Feed cow using an auto-identification system the optimum amount calculated according to yield and how much nutrition the cow is obtaining from elsewhere in it's diet, pre dip the teets, wipe clean, draw the fore-milk, then apply the unit. After milking, spray with post milking spray,

Calf Feeding and Heifer rearing; Feed the calves their mother's milk for the first week whenever possible without diluting it with water,then ensure they have fresh milk rather than powder until they are old enough to be weaned, do not worry about feeding them rearing nuts when they are very young just good fresh milk at the correct temperature without diluting it with water and plenty of hay. Do not rush to serve the heifers, eighteen months old is the correct age, use sex semen where possible.

Feet; The importance of mobility of the cow cannot be emphasised enough, check as part of the routine checking for heat for any foot problems and deal with as promptly as possible i.e within twelve hours maximum.

Heat; Detecting heat in dairy cows and heifers is essential for milk production collars and kamars are good practice for this.

Winter Housing: The cleaner and more comfortable the cows can be kept during winter is best for the feet and mobility of the cows which in-turn helps the cows to live as long as possible and keeps milk production at it's optimum.